Adopt Playground Equipment


Help Us Build A Playground

Did you know you can have a specific impact on the funding for this playground? We are seeking individuals and businesses that are interested in contributing with “Adopting” a specific piece of play equipment. Your name will be recorded and proudly displayed once this playground has become a reality. Look over the playground pieces below for something special and tell us about it with the form at the bottom of the page.

We have collected $362,998 of our $750,000 target. It is 48.40% of our goal for the The Addy Grace All Abilities Playground campaign



Physicians to Children

Double Swoosh Slide
Coots, Cross, Lavinder and Quinn
Family Dentistry

In Honor of
Grayson Myers

In Honor of
Grayson Myers

Special Pieces

Gyro Twister
Wayne & Sandy Myers

Playstructure Seat

Talk Tube 40′ Tubing Kit
In Honor of
Gracie Huffman

Belt-Zone Climber

Bow Ladder Connector

Bank of Botetourt

Fire Pole
Chuck & Cheryl Neely

Wobble Pod
Jerry & Lara Bingeman


Raised at
“All You Need Is Love and Play Dinner”

ZipKrooz (Assisted)
Raised at
“All You Need Is Love and Play Dinner”


JigJag Climber
Josh & Rachel Witt

Pod Climber
Ingevity Company

Step Ladder
In Memory of
Adam Ward

Corkscrew Climber
Member One Federal Credit Union

Chimney Climber

Sky Rail Climber
John & Marilee Williamson

Play Panels

Barn Driver Panel
Shannon & Summer Underwood

Bongo Reach
In Honor of
Rachel Faith


Bongo Reach
Kevin Devine

Bongo Reach
Ryan & Mindy Boitnott

 Chimes Reach Panel
Dave & Suzanne Petrus

Color Splash Panel

Handhold Panel
Donated In memory of
Janice Potter Copenhaver


Marble Panel


 Optigear Panel


 Rain Sound Wheel Panel
Emmy Lane Foundation


Play Panels

 Ring-A-Bell Reach Panel


Greg & Margie Cundiff

 Rock-N-Ring Panel


Jeff & Lori Emry

Sign Language Panel


In Honor of

Tucker Rhett Haden Henderson

Table Panel
Anderson Music Therapy Services

Tracing Panel
CC of Roanoke


Xylofun Panel

In Honor of Gracie Huffman

Bubble Panel


Tom & Lynn Kirby

Image Panel


Chris & Gayle Moore

If you are interested in learning about adopting a specific piece of play equipment, please contact us with the form below making telling us of your choice.